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The range of KCS Herr Voss UK products is wide, but include the following:


  • High speed cleaning lines for aluminium (acid, alkali & electrolytic).

  • High speed rewind & inspection lines incorporating welders, brushing machines, levellers & edge trimming.

  • Inspection facilities for full finish automotive quality galvanised steel

  • Post treatment coating systems for galvanising lines

  • Complete equipment for push-pull pickling lines.

  • Walking beam & coil handling systems.

  • Mechanical equipment for all carbon steel continuous process lines.

  • Mechanical equipment for electrical steel heat treatment lines.

  • Post furnace water sealing & quenching equipment

  • Stainless steel process lines for bright annealed material.

  • Coil grinding lines

  • Cleaning lines for bright annealed stainless steel.

  • Complete surface treatment & organic coating lines

  • Rolling mill upgrades

  • Stainless steel heat treatment lines

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